The Guys Guide…..


The Guys Guide to Lots of Great Sex (for Women Too)

The Guys Guide to Lots of Great Sex (for women too) will inspire you to be your best self in your relationship.  Showing our best selves to the world is important, but more important is being our best selves with those we love, those we are closest too – those we see every day.  When we do that, oh, the places a relationship can go!  This is a book to be enjoyed and shared.  It is the perfect gift for an engagement or wedding.  It is humorous, light and a fun little hardcover gift book.  Let’s transform the world, two people at a time!

This book was inspired by you, my clients, who through one-on-one coaching sessions often share your struggles with your significant relationships.  And what I have observed is when we have that significant other that has our back on our journey, what a difference it makes whether you are a guy or woman.  This book will make you laugh.  It will make you think about how you can be your best self with your partner.

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