One of my very favorite things to do is host a Starfish Retreat.

retreat beach group

  • • 8 High Level Women Leaders
  • • I host one in one of my favorite little towns in New York’s gorgeous Adirondacks: Schroon Lake, NY and the other in San Diego, CA.
  • • 2.5 days of Conscious Conversation that will inspire ExtraOrdinary living! We are powerful humans and can make changes in moments based on powerful decisions after powerful conversations.
  • healthy meals, plus a Happy Hour each day.
  • A yoga surprise!
  • Your own private room.
  • Private and Special Gathering in my personal lake house  or my home in San Diego.
  • Exhilarating Outdoor Adventure!!
  • Connection with amazing women that you will have the opportunity to know forever.
My retreats always all include 6 basic elements:

  • Outdoor adventure/experiences
  • Healthy Food
  • Business development and forward momentum
  • Connection – real deep honest connection
  • Decadence sprinkled in
  • Limited to 8 Amazing women leaders

hot air balloon

Every retreat is unique. No two can ever be the same or be duplicated. The people change, the theme of the retreat varies, time of year varies. No matter how many you attend, it is always a new and exciting experience.

But one thing is always the same:

Amazing, productive and
life-changing experiences.

Every. Single. Time.


Still Undecided? Contact me about the Starfish Retreat and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.

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Here’s what other powerful women entrepreneurs are saying about the Starfish Retreats:

Shannon Smith, Managing Partner, Blueye Creative/Always Be Social

“The Starfish Retreat was such an event that it sparked so many positive changes in not only my life, but gave an amazing new set of friends and advisors that I will cherish for the rest of my life! Lorin, I can’t thank you and Big Fish enough for the Starfish group and stretching me and my business to go BIG and BOLD. You are truly the best and an absolute Entreprenuer’s Dream!!!!”

Barbara Bencini, Wealth Manager

“The Starfish Program has helped me grow my already successful (million dollar) business, and now I actually feel like the wildly successful person that I am. This has been a big shift in how I feel each day. I am now in charge of my life and business!” [p.s. After becoming a Big Fish, Barbara made the decision to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!)

Nancy J. Williamson, CPA

“As a business owner you don’t often get the opportunity to visit and be challenged by other entrepreneurs like you do at the Starfish Retreats. When you get into a group of other business owners they are the ones who say “I’m not sure that’s going to work” or “yes, that will work, and you need to tweak it here…” because that’s what you’re here for in the first place. You’re at a Starfish Retreat to do something bigger than what you’re already doing, so you need to get that experience out of the group, and they totally give it to you.”

Linda Hollander, Owner, Wealthy Bag Lady

“I have worked with other coaches and to tell you the truth, I was really underwhelmed because I just didn’t get results. Then I worked with Lorin and Big Fish and I went from charging just a few hundred dollars per project to charging thousands and even five figures with each consulting project! It takes courage to really do that, and Lorin and the Starfish group helped me through that. The program is all about helping women lead happier, healthier and wealthier lives. What’s great about the Starfish program is that you meet women of caliber who are really running successful businesses — if you want to be successful, you have to hang with successful people.”

Lisa Druxman, Owner and CEO, Stroller Strides

“I have practiced self and business growth for many years. But this is the first time I have looked at my business and my life with bold actions. It’s just been one day since the Starfish Retreat and I can see that the effect will be profound.”

Lisa McComb, Owner, Elumicor

“Starfish was so great, I am doing it again…! It was worth every penny, my business is booming and I am taking time for me… and there are now more goals I want to accomplish! I hope to see you in San Diego!”

Lynn Griffith, Owner & CEO, Welcome Events, Inc.

“I’m not even calling it touchy-feely any more. This stuff WORKS! I have finally WOKEN UP! To what is and to what can be! To say that the Starfish retreat was life changing is an understatement. It is the smartest time and money I have ever given to my business – and to MYSELF!The impact on my multi-million dollar business is already notable – it has a fresh new feel and I am giddy with the excitement of rededicating myself to it. And launching my new business is now more than just a fantasy!