Goal Setting TeleClass

Get a jump-start on your goals for the next twelve months: powerful, STRETCH — yet reachable — goals that will set you up for wild success and renewed motivation for the next year!

Experience our famous Goal Wheel in action!

Most of us have goals we want to accomplish and sometimes the ‘how’ gets in the way. So over 16 years ago, I developed a structure to help you naturally have a more balanced approach to setting and achieving goals.

Join our 60-minute Goal-setting Teleclass to learn that structure (including our downloadable one- page ‘famous’ GOAL WHEEL) and get your goals SET. This is our most popular teleclass of the year.

Teleclass only: $57
Teleclass plus 1 Private 1-1 Telephone Coaching Session $157 with a Big Fish Coach

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Big Fish Yearlong Adventure

Need to reSpark your Business & Life??
The next Big Fish group launching is Winter of 2018

Watch Lorin & her clients talk about the Big Fish program:

  • One FULL YEAR of resources, learning, support, inspiration & motivation
  • • 24 results-focused modules presented in 24 teleclasses led by Lorin Beller (2 per month)
  • 24 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions by phone with a Big Fish Coach (2 per month)
  • • Powerfully integrated content & resources including Foundation work & planning around the proven Big Fish Principles
  • • Process and duplication to increase efficiency and make you more money
  • 21st century marketing concepts and ideas
  • Sales and leadership focus
  • • Access to an incredible network of powerful, successful business owners through the PRIVATE Big Fish online community
  • • Motivation, excitement, & forward movement

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Private Coaching

Lorin Beller imgLorin takes on a handful of private clients each year. She has worked with some clients for over 10 years, so each year she takes on just a few. As entrepreneurs, we tend to ‘have no one to talk to’ about business goals, challenges, and successes – this relationship changes that!

With Lorin as your inspirer, supporter, brainstorm partner, champion, strategist, there is no place that is off limits. Some of Lorin’s clients have grown multi-million dollar businesses over the years, some lost 100 pounds, some have written books, some have put their kids through college enduring zero debt, some have become experts nationally in their field of expertise. Opportunities are endless!


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Starfish Retreats

Amazing Experiences for High Level Women Leaders
Starfish Retreats

  • • Limited to 8 High Level Women Leaders
  • • In one of my favorite little towns in New York’s gorgeous Adirondacks: Schroon Lake, NY
  • • 2 days of Conscious Conversation that will inspire ExtraOrdinary living THAT DAY! We are powerful humans and can make changes in moments based on powerful decisions after powerful conversations.
  • • 3 healthy meals, plus a Happy Hour each day.
  • • A yoga surprise!
  • • Room and board at a local Inn in Schroon Lake, NY.
  • • Private and Special Gathering in my personal lake house.
  • • Exhilarating Outdoor Adventure!!
  • • Connection with amazing women that you will have the opportunity to know forever.

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Leaders & Their Teams

“If you haven’t noticed, the way we are leading our world is changing.”

Leadership is more about walking our talk, transparency and open, honest, communication, incorporating life into work and work into life. There is a desire to bring passion to the work place. It is about inspiring your team to bring their hearts to work but also get the job done more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Lorin loves working with Companies and the whole team. We take the Big Fish program and pull specific modules in to meet your team’s needs. We do this for entire companies or the leadership team. There are many times that are the perfect time to bring Lorin and her team in to support your team.

  • When you are in growth mode
  • When you want to tighten up the culture
  • Make the culture more entrepreneurial-minded
  • Have the team work more efficiently together
  • If you are planning on selling the company and want to create more efficiency
  • You want to invest in your team
  • You want to have a values-based firm
  • You want to offer your team resources to support their whole life
  • You have merged with another company

Face it, one of the best resources you can have when you own a business is your team. So it is imperative that you make your team as wildly successful as possible in all ways.

Lorin works with Business Owners and Leaders in leading their teams in ways that will inspire your team to be around a long time. Face it, a well-run team is your greatest asset. Lorin works with the owner to understand the big goals that the owner and leader(s) have for the company and the team in order to assist the company to achieve their long term vision they goals. This is done via a custom design with each company and could include: retreats, one-on-one coaching and group meetings using technology and email.

To discuss your team goals for your company, email Lorin. ‘Let’s talk’ and explore together.