Lorin Beller is the Chief Potential Officer of Lorin Beller & Co, a Coaching and Consulting company that works with conscious entrepreneurs & leaders to extraordinarily impact their world through a variety of coaching, training and speaking services.

She has served thousands of clients and helped empower them to realize their ideal lives – not just as successful, prosperous entrepreneurs, but as people who feel balanced and fulfilled on all levels. Lorin recently had the honor of coaching Dr. Tererai Trent, Oprah’s Favorite Guest in her 25 years as she launched her business.

Some of the services offered are



Since launching Lorin Beller & Co, in 2001, Lorin has been providing trainings, coaching and books to empower thousands of entrepreneurs.


Nancy is a coach that will ‘hold your feet to the fire but love you fiercely to the end goal.’ She comes with a warning this year: she will want your goals as much as you do!


Amy is sharp and savvy — she will challenge you and ask the hard questions while cheering you on like no other. She is ‘where the rubber meets the road!’


Gail is most often found behind the scenes making things run smoothly and efficiently. She is our detail professional and will quickly become a friend of yours.


Working with conscious entrepreneurs & leaders to extraordinarily impact their world.



1. Live the Change: We live the change we wish to see in the world.
2. Insight though Self-Observation: By knowing ourselves, we know the world.
3. Full Responsibility: No matter the problem, we find our part and adjust.
4. Be a Learner: In successes and failures, we commit to learning.
5. Eustress: We seek the ‘good’ kind of stress — by challenging ourselves to grow beyond our comfort zones.
6. Inspire: We inspire because we know there is unlimited potential in all of us.
7. Celebrate: We celebrate and are grateful for what is.