March 2016: Tech Tips with Lorin

Lorin Beller
I will share 7 business tech tools I use regularly… that I highly recommend that you use. These tools make life easier and simpler (I like that!) and they are very affordable, too. March 24th (and next month, stay tuned for our Big Fish Virtual ReUnion!!)

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February 2016: Lynda Bishop, Relationship Counselor

Lynda-Relationship Insurance
I am excited to be sharing some time with Lynda Bishop, Relationship Counselor. When: February 25th @ 5:00pm Pacific
It is Valentines Month…. I want to dive into the topic of our significant relationships… why? From experience I know that when we are in an awesome relationship life is easier, our business grows with our focus. And when we are in a relationship that is well… not awesome… life and business is HARD!

We’re going to kick the 2016 year off with Tina Swithin!

Tina Swithin

Tina Swithin survived a Category Five Divorce Hurricane while acting as her own attorney in a custody battle that turned her family’s life upside down. Tina took shelter from the storm by chronicling her journey in her (now) internationally recognized blog, “One Mom’s Battle.” In 2012, Tina published her first book, “Divorcing a Narcissist: One Mom’s Battle” with the goal of letting others know that they weren’t alone. January 21st at 5pm.