Life Coaching


Dependence vs. Independence vs. Interdependence

In the month of July, we hear the word “independence” a lot. It is always touted as if it is the ultimate in traits. We declare our independence. We celebrate our independence. But really, what is this concept of independence all about? What is the difference between dependence vs. independence vs. interdependence? There is a…

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You can be a Game Changer…With one small shift

Everyone is under the impression that if they want to be a game changer they must make some sort of monumental shift away from what they are doing now, towards whatever it is that a game changer does. The project looks dauntless. I know. Making a difference and stepping out as a leader are always scary…

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Lines in the Sand?

I have been working with people for the the past 15 years and boundaries are one of our biggest challenges. Boundries between us and our co-workers, between us and our significant other, between us and our kids, between us and our family, between us and…. ourselves! I recently finished reading an awesome book on the…

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