Business strategies


The Power of the Pause – Give Yourself A Break

About June is the time of the year when all the things you wanted to do at the beginning of the year start pressing in around you. Your kids are almost out of school for the summer and your house still looks like a tornado hit it, despite your goal to organize and clean shop….

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You can be a Game Changer…With one small shift

Everyone is under the impression that if they want to be a game changer they must make some sort of monumental shift away from what they are doing now, towards whatever it is that a game changer does. The project looks dauntless. I know. Making a difference and stepping out as a leader are always scary…

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5 Markers of Authentic Leadership – Find Your Joy

What is authentic leadership? You know what it is because I am sure you are like me and have felt the influence of successful, authentic leaders as opposed to  those that are, some how, playing the part. There is something missing from their leadership….what is it? It is that spark of a special….what?….that makes all…

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